Consumer Loan

Loans are provided to customers for the purchase of goods (works, services) produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan to meet their consumer needs, including:

  • Purchase of consumer goods (household goods, household appliances, furniture and interior items, etc.);
  • Payment for the purchase of building materials and/or renovation services for residential buildings related to renovation of houses;
  • Other consumption goals.

Loans are issued in the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan for a period of up to three (3) years.

The maximum loan amount allocated by the Bank for the consumer loan is determined in the amount not exceeding 300 (three hundred) of the reference calculation value established in the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of loan formalization.

List of the documents for loan formalization:

  • Original passport of applicant and co-borrower;
  • Preliminary goods purchase and sale contract;
  • Collateral (depending on the loan amount this may be a vehicle, real estate or a guarantee of third parties). 

Loan Interest Rates:

1-12 months - 25,5%;

13-24 months - 26%;

25-36 months - 28%


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